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Toddler with Rash on Back and Stomach

Here is a question: has your toddler been swimming lately? ... I washed his clothes for a week in the old stuff and it went away. ...

Clothing for 2 Year Old Girl Witha Full Arm Cast

Maybe get a few long-sleeved onsies (I think they are sided into toddler sizes? ... You could go to a used clothing store and buy a few slightly larger long ...

Seeking Softest Toddler Boy Underwear for Sensitive Skin

it's been years since my oldest was a toddler but I think it was JCPenny catalog that .... have you tried washing the clothes in soaps for sensitive skin? ...

Getting Marker Out of Clothing

It got out the melted crayon from all the clothes including a cotton sweater. Now I am never without it in my .... toddler boys clothing · leather clothing ...

My Toddler's Sweaty Head...

My Toddler's Sweaty Head... I have a 2 year old daughter, and for some time ... No matter what the temperature is or what kind of clothes he's sleeping in, ...

Outgrown Clothes

There is a Hispanic Minister at my church to whom we have been giving our outgrown toddlers clothes. He Pastors a couple of small churches in Mexico. ...

The Best Choice for Mosquito Repellent for a Toddler with Sensitive Skin

It doesnt damage the clothes and I dont have to rub any chemicals into my ... We just switch where we put it (for a toddler, I'd just switch ankles) every ...

Where to Donate Boys 2T Summer Clothes

I live in Carrollton and was hoping to find a place that could REALLY use this toddler clothing. It's all in great shape (obviously since I was going to ...

Bringing Toddler to Hospital to Meet New Sibling

If you've had this experience, how did your toddler handle the hospital visits? ..... toddler months · toddler clothes · new gifts · events san francisco ...
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  • rub a dub marker in 2 answers "We have a Rub-A-Dub marker from years ago that we still use and it works great - it's ..."
  • sounds like heat rash in 2 answers "Sounds like heat rash."
  • try organic cotton in 2 answers "Try organic cotton or even the newer bamboo fibers."
  • hanna anderson in 3 answers "I would guess that Hanna Anderson would be good, too."
  • sharpies work great in 2 answers "Sharpies work great. They are permanent markers that come in many colors, and many ..."