toddler athlete s foot

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"Red and Crusty Belly Button"

Sounds like a fungal or yeast infection; the stuff for athlete's foot works wonders, ... S. Jane. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ... Next question: Toddler's Belly Button Is Painful and Brown/red ...

Diaper Rash Advice

Several of you suggested using an athletes foot cream, so I did. ... My pediatrician had me use Clotrimazole (in the athletes foot section)with each diaper ...

Relief for Scalp Ringworm

BTW, I have a friend who had athletes foot that never went away no matter what over the counter he used, I gave him the cream & it cured his athletes foot! ...

How to Make a Recruiting Video for a High School Athlete?

Sep 30, 2009 ... Plus it is my job to understand legislation, college coach recruiting guidelines and proper fits to teach parents and student athletes how ...

7 Month Old Son Has Foot Odor

It is the same yeast bacteria as causes athletes foot, jock itch and vaginal yeast infections. But you don't need to use any harsh medicines, especially for ...

Seeking Help for 7 Year Old Son's Face

Just check it out before you put different products on your child's face. .... Has Anyone Heard of a Toddler Getting Athlete's Foot? ...

How to dry up a ringworm in a toddler's mouth?

You can use stuff to treat athletes foot, that is suppose to help because ..... I had ringworm last year and tried athletes foot cream and it never would ...

Toddler with Yeast in Ear

Toddler with Yeast in Ear. Hi,. My three year old had constant ear ... I'm a little nervous about putting athlete's foot medicine on such a tender area. ...

Diaper Rash

Try a 1% athletes foot cream. I know it may sound crazy, but I used it all the .... My daughter had toddler's diarrhea for a year so I'm very familiar with ...

16 Month Old Pigeon Toed

I've noticed since his first birthday one foot seems turned in. My ped. said to make sure he..." ... For a toddler just over a year old, it seems normal to me. ... The doc also told me that alot of Olympic athletes toe-in also. ...
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  • use an anti fungal cream in 2 answers "... one of us in our household gets a ringworm, I always use an anti-fungal cream ..."
  • baking soda in the bath water in 2 answers "I hear that baking soda in the bath water works wonders."
  • athletes foot cream in 4 answers "... got really bad diaper rashes my doctor told me to use athletes foot cream ..."
  • athletes foot cream in 3 answers "I had ringworm last year and tried athletes foot cream and it never would clear up ..."
  • cure athletes foot in 2 answers "... try otc meds like lotrimin, lamisil, things that they use to cure athletes foot."