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Seeking Moms' with Toddlers 18-24 for Feeding Hints

19 Aug 2009 ... Seeking Moms with Toddlers 1824 for Feeding Hints .... my son is 21 months and has days like that Most days he will eat whatever is in front ...

What Type of Clothing Should My Toddler Sleep in at Night?

Read all 19 responses: "I have an amazing 18 month old daughter who still ... My toddlers sleep in 2 piece pj's, short sleeve shirts and shorts or light ...

Seeking Toddler Gymnastic Class in the Waconia (West Metro) Area

They have a great toddler program and the instructor for that age group is Heather and she is great .... toddler 18 months · school gymnastics · skin tags ...

Difficulty Cleaning/Brushing 18 Months Old Teeth

We say to our 16 month old, "It's time to tickle your teeth" She laughs and opens up for .... teeth gums · toddler 18 months · how to brush toddler's teeth ...

Toddler Travel Bed

16 Apr 2009 ... We purchased the Tuckaire Toddler Bed by The Shrunks' from Amazon. ... When my son was 18 months old, we bought one of those little fold out ...

18 Month Old???

5 Aug 2009 ... Is There Such a Thing as Discipline for an 18 Month Old ... 18 month old teething · toddlers 18 months · 18 month babies · is she 18 ...

Advice on Toddler Not Talking Much Yet

Advice on Toddler Not Talking Much Yet. I have a 19 month old son who says .... At our oldest 18 months appt doctor asked me how many sentences he said. ...

Toddler Fighting Sleep

18 Jun 2009 ... My son quit taking naps at 18 months and he usually sat on his toddler bed looking at books or playing with a few toys quietly. ...

When to Switch to Booster for eating?/Dining Out with Toddler

When to Switch to Booster for eatingDining Out with Toddler. Hi Moms My son is 18 months old and still uses his high chair My husband suggested that we ...

When Do You Start Taking Your Toddler to the Dentist?

3 Oct 2009 ... Read all 30 responses: "My toddler daughter (17 months) has her ... My son went at 15 months. My daughter at 18 months (she didn't get her ...
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  • let him sit on his knees in 2 answers "... but we do most of the time and try to get a booth and let him sit on his knees."
  • keep him in the high chair in 2 answers "To start, you may just want to keep him in the high chair in the restaurant and don't ..."
  • pediatric dental specialist in 2 answers "I am a pediatric dental specialist. I worked as a general family dentist for several ..."
  • brushing his teeth in 4 answers "I told her and this is when I found out that she was not brushing his teeth becuase ..."
  • brush his teeth in 4 answers "2) Let him brush his teeth, then let him brush your teeth while you brush his."