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Seeking Advice on Phone for Kids

I have no idea about the Firefly and my kids aren't old enough for cell phones ... We have the T Mobile one right now and after you've added $100 to your ...

Phone or Not?

if your son is active and into sports and stuff then maybe a cell phone is a good idea and maybe look into t-mobile, boost mobile, criket ( boost & criket ...

Should We Keep Our Regular Phone Line?

I dont know who your cell phone provider is but have you checked in to the T- mobile at home? We are thinking of ditching our land line too. I had the same ...

Comcast Vs. AT&T Bundle Packages

Aug 12, 2009 ... I don't have a landline, but my cell is ATT so I am looking to .... We piggy back our TMobile @ Home phone on the internet and have had very ...

Phone and Internet Service

Our cell phones are Sprint and we have been with them a long time and it is all about negotiating--we have 400 anytime min.(no frills--we use only when not ...

Bundling Cable, Phone, Internet??

We have our home phone, cell phones, cable and internet through AT&T and have been .... long distance moving · cell phones t mobile · consolidate credit ...

Cool Phone - Besides the Iphone?

Nov 3, 2009 ... I use T Mobile which I love. I had the G1 (not the My Touch) and loved it. .... Next question: What Cell Phone and Company Do You Use ...

Tell Me What You Use for Internet Service Without a Land Line

May 22, 2009 ... We "dry looped" our internet service through AT&T, using it for business (about $40/month), but our cell phones are through T-Mobile, ...

Laptop V. Blackberry

I *highly* recommend the G1 if you're with TMobile and the iPhone if you're .... that problem with a laptop regardless PLUS the expense of your cell phone. ...

All Moms

We are using T-Mobile's "Faves" plan (you have certain numbers you can call with ... We no longer have a land line in our home and use our cell phones, ...
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