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Mixing Breast Milk with Formula

She will be nursing often for a while, and then the time between feedings will increase, I promise. Mother's milk tea is wonderful to increase your milk ...

Painful Breastfeeding/need Advice

There are also pads that you can put on between feedings, and when you sleep (if at ..... I would dread feeding time, and feeding time is so frequent in the ...

Best Time to Pump?

Generally speaking, the best time is in between feedings. So, for example, if the first feeding is at 8 am, then pump around 9:30 or 10. ...

Need Help Trying to Get Twins to Sleep Through the Night!!

Then we tried to stretch the time between feedings at night by using a pacifier; when one woke up i would give her the pacifier and try to make her wait ...

Starting Breastfeeding How Long Does It Hurt?

Oct 3, 2009 ... For me, it was about 2 weeks the first time, about a week the second. ..... My only pain was when I went too long between feedings & had ...

What Is the Ferber Method?

you've got a 30 min feeding, plus 30 min to an hour of awake time, plus a 1.5 to 2-hour nap, when the baby wakes up again it's been about 3 hours between ...

4 Month Old Sleep Issues

He told us to do this until he was eating with appropriate time between feedings . It was hard to let him cry, but it didn't take long and we were much ...

7 Week Old Baby

A schedule for what Feeding or sleeping Most babies arent ready for a sleep schedule untill they can go for at least four hours between feedings Ive done in ...

Taking Forever to Feed My Newborn!!

Let enough time elapse between feedings so that he is hungry enough to want to taka a full feeding. Most formula fed babies can go three hours between feeds ...

Low Milk Supply

Beth Y added this item My boys love to be naked I think all kids do but with boys its a right of passage Naked time in our house usually happens between 5 ...
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  • your local la leche league in 2 answers "I would just like to add that your local La Leche League can be a great resource."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "I would recommend calling either your doctor or the La Leche League if you think you ..."
  • think your supply is low in 2 answers "... me, give me the age and weight of your baby and why you think your supply is low."
  • see a lactation consultant in 3 answers "I strongly urge you to see a lactation consultant as well."
  • your milk supply in 6 answers "Try to pump whenever you get the chance to to keep your milk supply up."