tide detergent allergy

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16 Month Old with Cough and Congestion Every Night

If there is truly congestion change the detergent and remove all stuffed animals or wash them in baby .... TIDE is the worse for allergy problems!! Helpful? ...

Face Rash on 4 Month Old.

When I tried switching to Cheer or Tide, they both broke out in hives. ... I had recently switched to GAIN laundry detergent and it just triggered it. .... Your son would have to be 6 months old to be allergy tested but I'm so glad that ...

Weird Little Bumps All over Son's Body

Use different laundry detergent. My husband is very skin sensitive. He has to only wear cotton-no polyblends and I use tide free. anything else causes bumps ...

Toddler's Sensative Skin

And Laundry detergent that is safer and concentrated so it costs 50% less than Tide or Dreft. If you'd like some more information please call or email me! ...


My 4yr. had allergy type eczema when she was a baby. I put that on her .... However just recenly I went to using Tide Free or Cheer Free detergent and dryer ...

Anyone Heard of This Before???

I am also re washing everything in the house with the clean and free detergent that someone suggested just in case she has developed an allergy to the ...

Toddler Gets Bright Red Cheeks at Night

Also, do not use Tide laundry detergent. It has lots of harsh chemicals and again ... A dairy allergy is the first thing I think of.....because all of my ...

My 4 Year Old Has Allergies..

Several allergies and skin irritants are chemical related. I would suggest ridding your home of hazardous products. Even your typical laundry detergent can ...

Itchy Red Bumps on Face

... difficult to find a detergent that has nothing in it but I did find Tide Free .... I would also take a look at what laundry detergents you are using and ...


My son developed a rash on his neck when I switched to Tide detergent. ... Of course, it may not be heat-related and could be an allergy. ...
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