tickled till she peed

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Shudder Attacks

Sometimes when a child pees in his diaper, it tickles as the pee is coming out. .... She half-laughed and very nicely said he just peed :) As always ...

Thumb Sucking

My daughter is 6 now and is very vocal to me about how good it feels and how it tickles to touch it She asks why it feels tht way and I tell her because God ...

Seeking Advice on 5 Year Old Chewing on Hair and Clothes

About a year ago she started chewing on her hair and clothing (sleeves, ... with a little tickle will let your daughter know you wish she would stop without ...

Help! My Squirmy Toddler Will Not Lay Still for Diaper Changes

She screams, kicks, twists and turns every which way. Then she will try..." ... now I grab a book or a favorite toy, I sing, I do anything I can, tickle, ...

1 Year Old Keeps Pooping in the Tub

She was closer to being two years old so when she told me she wanted toys and to ... Beth Y added this item You must embrace their ability to pee anywhere ...

Brushing Teeth

try thelet me tickle those teethies anduhoh I think I see broccoli still in there .... Beth Y added this item You must embrace their ability to pee anywhere ...

Breastfeeding Issues with Newborn

She clearly isn't eating enough - in that she wakes from. ... you are having problems don't wait til the meeting call and talk to someone right away. ... baby's clothes off and tickle her. she's now 11 mo, and still sort of a "snacker . ...

10 Month-old Too Wiggly for Diaper Changing

She wants to wiggle away, grab something, turn around, stand up, anything..." ... I've always tickled their tummy and back. LOL you have to be fast, ...

My 3 Year Old and Telling Mommy or Daddy No

Aug 27, 2009 ... and Id get out my tickle fingers and wed end up with a tickle game and .... Beth Y added this item You must embrace their ability to pee ...

Getting My Baby to Stay Awake During Feedings So He'll Eat More

Oct 23, 2009 ... Eating til content is better than over eating and creating a unhealthy habit from the start. ... Tickling the feet, even a cool washcloth on their legs, ... said that it was because she was too hungry to stay awake. she told me not to let ... If he's pooping and peeing and his weight gain is fine, ...
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  • youre doing the right thing in 3 answers "This will pass. You're doing the right thing keeping a potty near, but he's pretty ..."
  • gained weight just fine in 2 answers "... really only would fall asleep at the breast). but she gained weight just fine ..."
  • too shall pass in 2 answers "... just wanted to tell you how hard I laughed and that this too shall pass!"
  • external stimulus in 2 answers "... can't poop on command, but is responding to a schedule or an external stimulus."
  • pick your battles in 2 answers "I wish that love of helping lasted!!! Finally, pick your battles, but be consistent."