thyroid and infertility

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How to Lengthen Cycles WITHOUT Using BC or Clomid

ditto on the thyroid check, though keep in mind levels can fluctuate, so your test might ... Next question: Question About Infertility W/ 2Nd Pregnancy. ...

Mildly Abnormal Thyroid and Prenancy

Endocronologist is a good person to consult about your thyroid level and how ... Over the past two years I went through multiple infertility cycles and in ...

Infertility or Just Not Regular?

Robert springer, expert in infertility and endometriosis who took great care of me. .... I would get your thyroid checked as well. ...

Looking for Excellent Ob/gyn in Fort Worth Area

She has been my doctor through the diagnosis of Grave's Disease (a problem with my thyroid), Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Infertility and a surprise ...

Thyroid Lump

My doctor noticed that I had an enlarged thyroid. ... Totally unexpected as I had been dealing with infertility for all of my marriage. ...

Has Anyone Had Two Healthy Pregnancies and Now Are Dealing with Miscarriages?

I had thyroid tested and a couple of other tests and they came back normal. ... My daughter actually was reading a published book about infertility and they ...

3Rd Miscarriage in a year...need Some Advice!!

Thyroid levels have a range and studies have shown that optimal fertility is with a TSH level that is at the low end of the range. ...

Always Tired... Any Ideas Why?

your thyroid in 5 answersI would start by having your thyroid checked just .... I had to go through infertility treatment the first time But sure enough I ...

Getting Pregnant

I am have been taking thyroid medicine for 3..." ... I dealt with secondary infertility and it was terribly frustrating. The best thing I've found is ...

Am I Pregnant?

In the mean time, I found out I have thyroid issues, so we have been dealing ..... that helped zillions of women who had paid for infertility treatment, ...
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