three year old biting

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My 4Yo Bites Her Nails

Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share. D.T. answers from Dallas on May 3, 2008. I used the NO BIte polish on my 5 year old. ...

Advice on Biting

My one year old is a biter. We try to redirect him from biting. ... We have taught our older son, who is three to push him away when he is going to bite, ...

2 Yr Old Who Bites When Angry

17 Sep 2009 ... I also have my own 2 children who are 3 (girl) and 1 (boy). I have never come across the problem of ... Next question 2 Year Old Biting ...

2 Year Old Acting Out

Not only do I have a 2 year old son (and almost 4 year old daughter), I am a childcare provider as well. .... three year old biting · Effective Discipline ...

My 3 Year Old Comes Home with Bit Marks and Scratches

At three years old a child definitely knows that biting and scratching are not acceptable behaviors. My daughter once got a scratch when she was two from ...

4.5 Year Old Son Throwing Temper Tantrums; Becoming Aggressive and Defiant

I am a mother of a 9 year old girl and a 4.5 year old boy. ... three year old biting · becoming home · three year old hitting · 6 year old attitude ...


J., my 1 1/2 year old currently bites his 3 year old brother. Thankfully he is not in daycare. Just went to the pediatrican today and asked her about the ...

HELP: 10 Month Old Biting During Nursing

You're doing the right thing... what worked for me was doing a "3 strikes and you're out" routine. ..... board of nursing · three year old biting ...

Important Explanation for 5 Year Old

7 Oct 2009 ... Our 5 year old daughter constantly has her fingers on her face, just inside her mouth..." ... Need Help with 3 Year Old Biting Nails ...

Help with My 3 Year Old

Read all 6 responses: "My soon to be 3 year old is out of control..He throws stuff, he just started biting, he tells me to shut up, he lays, ...
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  • coming home with marks in 2 answers "I would take him out, sorry but if my son kept coming home with marks from anywhere ..."
  • hot sauce in 3 answers "... he plays with another). The Dr did say as a last resort try a dab of hot sauce ..."
  • doing the right thing in 2 answers "You're doing the right thing... what worked for me was doing a ""
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