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Skipping from 1St to 2Nd Grade

My son is in 3rd grade,but his at grade level 5th to 6th in reading and 6th for math.Now most of his friends tend to be older,cause the kids in his class ...

5Th Grade Math Test

I have a daughter in the 5th grade and she is passing math with a B but only because ..... and your email address will never be shared with third parties. ...

Switching Letters and Numbers

In an effort to keep up with my DS's matriculation into 3rd grade, his teachers sent home reading comp and math homework folders for the summer. ...

To Separate Twins in First Grade... or Not?

My friend's triplets, now in 3rd grade, are in the same classes by her choice. ... They learn to read, write, and begin math that year. ...

Advice for a Friend with a 4Th Grader Who Keeps Failing...

The subject matter 3rd grade.... Have the girl tested to see if she should be in an advanced learning group (usually reading and math are advanced ...

Holding My Daughter Back in 3Rd Grade and Visual Processing Disorder

Oct 16, 2009 ... Being held back is hard in 3rd grade-- but even worse as a 5th, ... I ended up doing my Math work on graph paper, and that REALLY helped me. ...

Skipping a Grade

They did 3rd grade math and reading. I do not regret putting him in the program. He is currently in the 5th grade and is doing really well. ...

Moving My Daughter from 1St to 2Nd Grade

She is an extremely bright child reading at an end of the 2nd grade beginning 3rd grade reading level. Her strategic math skills are phenomenal and just the ...

Cheerleading Ideas for Girls 3Rd to 6Th Grade

3rd to 6th grade girls huh? lipgloss, nail polish, suckers, stickers, if you are a real creative crafy type person, ... candy basket · 6th grade math ...

Confused About Kindergarten or 1St Grade Choice!

I am a 3rd grade teacher, and I have a daughter who misses the cutoff by a week and a day (so she .... kindergarten learning · first grade math worksheets ...
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