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What Exercises Are the Best for Losing Butt and Thigh Area?

S. asks from Denver

I have a little weight to lose in the butt and thigh area and would like to see what the best exercises are to help in that area. We have an eliptical, bike and the ...


Thigh fat...ewww!

N.S. asks from Austin

What have you done specifically to target your inner thigh fat? I am very "hippy" anyway, but my thighs are rubbing to the point where it's uncomfortable. I'm eatin...


Inner Thigh Workout

T.R. asks from Tulsa

3 months ago I started working out. About 6 weeks ago I got pretty serious about my beach I started getting a lot more consistent with my workouts. Monday...


Great Thigh Toning Exercises.....

A.C. asks from Minneapolis

HI!!! Just was wondering if anyone knew a great thigh toning exercise or any good equipment pieces that would help??? Anything I could do at home would be great!! I k...


Exercises That Are Knee Friendly

M.T. asks from Boston

Hello. I am wondering if anyone can give me some exercise ideas that are knee friendly for your butt and thigh areas. 2 years ago I had an injury to my right knee wh...


Thigh Pain in 7 y.o.

A.R. asks from Cheyenne

My 7 y.o. son started complain of thigh/hip pain the morning after a soccer practice. He was ok for couple of days and now a day after another soccer session he is co...


Pubic Bone Pain and Pain in Inner Thigh

A.K. asks from Minneapolis

I knew that pregnancy could lead to pubic bone pain, but I'm only 20 weeks along and it's already begun! So here's my story: The pain I'm having started pretty ear...


Need Exercises to Improve the Glutes!

J.M. asks from Boston

Baby weight is gone but rear is flat n flabby. I do squats, kickboxing, yoga but need a lift! Ideas?



L.P. asks from Lima

Hello everyone! I read a lot, but until today haven't really gotten involved with much more than a couple replies. I am not a heavy person...5'3" and about 115 pounds...


Need Simple Exercise Equipment During Pregnancy!

A.H. asks from Dallas

I am only a few weeks pregnant , yay! (Keep fingers crossed!!!). I wanted to know if you ladies have used a simple exercise technic or equipment at home that really ...

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  • exercise ball behind in 2 answers "... for me was to lean up against a pole or maybe the wall w/an exercise ball behind ..."
  • congrats on your pregnancy in 2 answers "Hi A.... Congrats on your pregnancy."
  • squat jumps in 3 answers "I love christine F's advice squat jumps- jilliam Michael's one of the biggest loser's ..."
  • squats and lunges in 2 answers "Squats and Lunges!!! Add weight to yourself when you do them too."
  • lift your butt in 2 answers "... it doesn't roll away). With your feet on the ball and knees bent, lift your butt ..."