thermos water bottles

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Sport Drinks or Vitamin Water Safe for Kids?

19 Oct 2009 ... I have a little guy who refuses to drink water! He wants juice. ... Electronics · Furniture & Bedding · Lunch Box & Thermos ... He loves to drink out of the water bottles with the squeeze tops on them. ...

No Leak Sippy Cup

1 Sep 2009 ... The only thing that Ive found that does not leak for my 2 year old son is the Nalgene water bottles Everything else seems to leak for me I ...

Alkaline Water (Ionizers)

2 Sep 2009 ... Yes the one I know about is called Water Filtration Bottle one of Aerotek Scientific products that filters all unwanted particulate matter ...


9 Oct 2009 ... I did an intermediate with my son I took the big bottles and cut a ... ever since For water she would drink out of a water bottle so we just ...

What Kind of Water Are You Feeding Your 7 Month Old?

H At that age I gave my son tap water that I let sit out and get to room temperature I recycled an empty spring water bottle Now that he is teething and 9 ...

Cleaning Bottles

It's not a hard water We have very soft water and had the same issues when we used bottles Try some Jet Dry it's supposed to keep spots off of the dishes so ...

Help Moms- Need Expert Advice on Quick Healthy Food to Pack Lunchbox

31 Aug 2009 ... thermos in 6 answersI LOVE the thermos idea Ive been seeing moms suggest .... bottle of water instead along with his sandwichand an icepack ...

Best Way to Wien 13-Month Old from the Night Time Bottle and Binkie

I think each child is different but I do agree with Kathy C My kids never took a binky but they sure loved a bottle at night We put water in the bottle at ...

School Lunch Ideas

31 Aug 2009 ... We have had great luck with a thermos They can take soup or if you heat it up with boiling water they can bring mac n cheese or even ...

Teaching to Use Sippy Cup

3 Oct 2009 ... He drinks his formula or milk from a bottle. He loves water from a regular cup or water bottle, but of course this requires us to hand..."
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