the shark floor steamer

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Saltillo Tile Floors

Those yellow steamers work well. A vinegar & water solution is a healthy way to ... I personally hate sweeping, so I love my shark, and then I do a good ..... Saltillo can be a really beautiful floor covering but it is also one of the ...

Cleaning Hard Wood Floors

But I have no idea what to use on them to keep the floor clean so when we walk on ... Shark steamer, works great, and you don't have to buy any products, ...

Anyone Know How to Get Tile Grout Clean?

Sorry for the late reply, I use a steamer to clean my tile floor (and other floors in my house). I love this little steamer. It is called The Shark and it ...

Haan Steam Cleaner

I really like the steamer for our tile and wood floors ... I use it on our large kitchen floor and also use it on carpet stains. .... Shark Steam Mop ...

Shark Steam Mop or H2O Mop

I have the Shark & I love it. You can actually see the difference on the hardwood floors. Plus you can feel the difference on the floor you don't get the ...

Shark Floor Steamer

V.H. asks from Detroit

I have a Shark Floor Steamer and it came with six pads. I cannot find the paperwork, telling me who I purchased it from and I've gone through five pads in less than ...


Shark Steamer

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

There was a post some months ago with recommendations about the Shark Vac steamer and I thought I had saved it, but can't find it. I recall most responders said the S...


Purchase Advice. Shark Floor Steamer?

M.W. asks from Washington DC

I was wondering if anyone has a shark floor steamer. I like the idea that it only uses steam to clean the floors and that it can be used on tile and wood floors. I...



K.E. asks from Phoenix

Does anyone have the shark appliance that cleans tile? If so, can you tell me your experience with it, do you like it, etc. Thanks so much, K.


Garment Steamer

B.J. asks from Dallas

I was looking for a garment steamer for my daughter's clothes. Some are coming out the dryer all scrunched up and too little to iron. Plus, I hate ironing anyway! ...

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  • mop and murphys oil soap in 2 answers "To clean periodically use a DAMP cloth or mop and Murphy's Oil Soap."
  • white vinegar and hot water in 2 answers "... company and this is what they tell everyone. Use White Vinegar and Hot water ..."
  • shark steam mop in 2 answers "I bought the Shark Steam mop and promptly returned it after one use."
  • use a dust mop in 3 answers "I miss my hardwoord; it's so beautiful. Use a dust mop or a Swiffer regularly."
  • vacuum my tile floors in 2 answers "I have 3 ACTIVE little boys and 2 cats. I vacuum my tile floors no less than once ..."