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11 Year Old Son Dropping in Grades,behavior and Attitude

I was told not to worry that certain kids arent "made for school" but i still ... With all the pressure the kids have at school, it's very hard for them to ...

Looking for Info on Goddard School - Clackamas

Read all 5 responses: "Hello Moms, Does anyone know anything about the Goddard Schools? I understand that they are franchises, so each is independantly ...

Where Do Kids Go After School?

Read all 5 responses: "My kids are not school age yet, just thinking ahead. I'm wondering if you are at work until 5:30 or so and the kids get off school ...

Private or Public School

Read all 16 responses: "My daughter has been attending a private preschool for the last two years. This February she turns 5 and will attend Kindergarten ...

Preschool Needed for 2010-2011 School Year

Oct 19, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "Mammas, I am looking for a new preschool for my 3 year old next fall. He current attends a Montessori School and I am ...

Driffrence Between a Public School and a Catholic School

Read all 8 responses: "Hi Moms, I need some advice before school starts. I have two options between a public school and a catholic school.

Can I Take My Daughter in to the Public School to Be Tested?

Sep 21, 2009 ... Read all 6 responses: "I have started homeschooling my 1st grader. It is going very well. I would like to have her tested though.

Private School or Public School...Which One Is Better?

Read all 6 responses: "We have twins who will be starting school in the near future. We are debating whether public or private schooling is better.

Not Wanting to Go Potty at School

Oct 23, 2009 ... Read all 12 responses: "My 4 year old is mostly potty trained and has very few accidents. At first he had problems with going on different ...

Problems on School Bus

Read all 28 responses: "We just got here about a month ago to the Kaiserslautern area. My son goes to Vogelweh Elementary and likes it ok so far.
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  • bus driver and aide in 2 answers "... go to a DoDDES school, they also ride a school bus. The bus driver and aide ..."
  • contact the school bus office in 2 answers "I would contact the school bus office concerning the problem."
  • goddard school in vancouver in 2 answers "old triplets at the Goddard School in Vancouver and have since they were a year old."
  • suspended from the bus in 3 answers "... driver and aide should be able to get the trouble makers suspended from the bus ..."
  • public school system in 3 answers "... who does homeschooling for kids who do not flourish in a public school system ..."