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Middle-life Crisis??

C.R. asks from New York

Hi ladies! So is it just me developping depression or middle-life crisis, but I am really sad about turning 30. How do you cope with aging? I am not really happy wit...


Books for Teenage Girls

J.S. asks from Jacksonville

I can't believe I didn't come here before for this. I just wrote my first book, right now I am waiting for my editor to finish with it so I can polish it. I am just w...


Can Someone Answer Me Please....

A.R. asks from Boston

no one here has an answer for me.... i didnt buy cheeze itz...why are they all over the floor and couch cushions???? it was mr. nobody....gotcha.... (and i vacuum...


Good Books to Read

M.. asks from Appleton

I've asked this question before and I received such a great response that I am going to ask again. So... any new authors, books that you mom's can suggest? Happy...


Grand Canyon Deaths - Book

S.D. asks from Phoenix

WOW, what a huge eye opener. We vistited the Grand Canyon last weekend and they had this book of the Order of deaths in the last 1000+ years at the Grand Canyon. Ha...


Book Recommendations

D.S. asks from New York

Going on a much needed vacation next week and I am looking for some good book suggestions. Thanks ladies!!


Fish Help! What Did We Do Wrong?

J.K. asks from Sacramento

So my daughter selected a "goldfish" out of the feeder tank about 2 years ago. It turned out to be a koi and a lovely one, at that! Like goldfish though, koi grow qui...


Calling All Book Worms!

R.D. asks from Dallas

Hello from the ice block formerly known as Fort Worth! Brr its cold! So every year my family does a gift exchange. For the last several years we have had a theme ...


Needing Some Good Books to Read :)

R.D. asks from Wichita

Hey moms, I will be home all summer and I'm hoping to have some time to catch up on some reading! Anyone care to share your favorite book/author? Thanks! :)


JFF - Spinoff - If You Could Choose Your Superpower...

R.J. asks from Seattle

.... What would it be? I want instant heal, with a side of immortality. You know, because of the instant heal aspect. Also that it's contagious to a degree, so eve...

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