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How to texture over wallpaper?

It is usually not a good idea to texture over wallpaper. The texture is wet, .... I wouldn't texture over wallpaper, but I'm not an expert. ...

Painting over Wallpaper

I have done the skip trowel texture over wallpaper and haven't had any problems. If the wallpaper is on really well - it shouldn't be a problem - and the ...

Removing Wallpaper

The other it to spray or apply real texture over it, then paint. The best method depends on your budget and the condition of the wallpaper. ...

Mixing and Applying Texture to Paint....

Just steamed off some wallpaper and the walls really need some texture. I bought a box of the mix-it-yourself .... Next question: Painting over Wallpaper ...

Wall Appliques/stickers WON'T STICK...HELP!

I just bought some wall appliques/stickers and peel-and-stick wall paper border but it will ... how to take wallpaper glue off wall · texture over wallpaper ...

Will Wall Decals Stick on Heavily Textured Walls???

Our walls are pretty textured and the decals in my sons room stayed up with no ... Mixing and Applying Texture to Paint. ... Painting over Wallpaper ...

Ripping down Wallpaper and Popcorn ceilings..grrrr

Could I Just paint over the wallpaper? I'm going to texture it anyway. I've heard of ppl doing it, but I don't know if it works. Does it? Do I just scrap my ...

Removing? "Sand Paint"

I would just paint over it and leave the texture as is. ... My husband paints and does wallpaper. He said to use a wide putty knife and scrape the sand off ...

Wallpaper Help Needed

If you want wallpaper removed and replaced with a trowel-on texture, ... like 30 minutes) and then start passing it over the paper, and it comes right off. ...

Seeking Plasterer for Wall Texture in Master Bath - Sachse

Hi T., I can help with your wall paper removal issue as well as any texture application you would like as well. We are a 5 star rated contractor with ...
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  • remover from home depot in 2 answers "I had already tried the spray-on remover from Home Depot and the scraper with no luck."
  • texture over wallpaper in 5 answers "I am an interior Designer and woud not texture over wallpaper."
  • texturing over wallpaper in 2 answers "In most peoples eyes it is believed that texturing over wallpaper will be bad ..."
  • use joint compound in 2 answers "If you don't want to do the sanded paint, you can use joint compound (maybe $10."
  • your sense of humor in 2 answers "... that can help you...but I LOVE your personality !!! With your sense of humor ..."