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Possible Move to Dallas Area

If you need some help once you get in town and start looking at homes my best friend and husband is a Home inspector as well as a Termite Inspector...he ...

Top Things You Look for When Purchasing a Home (Existing, Not New Build)

2. evidence of wall repair (either patching cracks, water damage repair, or termite damage repair) 3. if you're looking at a home with furniture in it, ...

Ants Are Driving Me Crazy!

They are pretty hard to get rid of because, like termites, they eat through wood . I rented a house a few years back that was infested with them and we had ...

We Have Termites ! What Are Your past Experiences on Taking Care of Them ?

K.W. asks from Phoenix

Hi Ladies: They say everybody gets termites. We have them in our garage. We found two tunnels last night. I am seeking termite treatment. I am looking for a ...


Are Termites Fumigations Safe for Pregnant Woman?

S.B. asks from Los Angeles

I just found out our landlords are sending us away for 3 days later this month to tent the building and do Termite Fumigation. I am 4 months pregnant and I'm VERY con...



K.H. asks from Dallas

We are having a major ant problem and are thinking of hiring an exterminator. Does anyone have a good exterminator they can recommend in the Allen/Plano/McKinney are...


Is Anyone Having Trouble with Ants

L.C. asks from Dallas

i am in need of pest control and I am worried if I go with terminex or a well known co I will be sold a plan I dont necessaraly need. i found some ants with wings in...


Looking for a Trusting, Reliable Exterminator

C.A. asks from Phoenix

Help! My husband found termites on the outside of our house and a few on the inside wall of our garage and I'm freaking out... Can anyone recommend a good extermina...


My Entire Yard Has Been Taken over by Ants!!!!!!

S.M. asks from Dallas

My entire yard both back and front, including flower beds as become overrun with ants. There are massive piles everywhere, you can't even walk in the back yard 4 fee...


3 Questions, Really, Regarding Home Maintenance & Budgeting!

A.G. asks from Dallas

I am working on a budget. Ouch! No wonder I always feel broke! :-) 1. Have any of you installed those black screens over your windows? If so, would you recomm...

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