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3 Month Loves the TV ?!?

Please no TV! There have been studies done that suggest early television not only has the potential to lower a child's attention span but also slow the ...

Need Advice: Is It Too Young for a 10 Month Old to Watch TV?

I have a friend that will not let her son watch any tv at all. One time when she was here and I ... No it is not too young for a infant to watch television. ...

Help, My Son Loves TV and He's Only 2 1/2

My son loves TV (takes after his dad) and I worry constatly about how much I'm ... There's nothing wrong with a few cartoons and educational television. ...

What're Your 5 Year Olds Watching on TV?

Oct 1, 2009 ... Any favorite TV programs that promote words, spelling, ... (I'm sorta partial to the nerdy learning shows and supporting public television). ...

Safe TV Programing? Is It Out There?

Safe TV Programing? Is It Out There? I have two boys who are 7 and 6 years old. I monitor how much television they watch and how much they are on the ...

Tv Watching 10 Month Old

That was the start of his TV obsession. If I changed the channel he got mad we spent an hour that day just watching the radar. Television has come a long ...

12 Month Old Being Afraid of Images on Some Kids Television Shows

I don't recall my kids being afraid of anything they saw on tv at that age, ... amount) of television at that age (not that that's what you asked but....) ...

Is TV the Devil?

I am probably the wrong mom to ask. We sstay away from the TV. ..... In and of itself, television doesn't have to "turn their brains to mush" so long as it ...

How Much TV Is Too Much TV?

We had an argument over TV watching in the house. He claims that our kids (7 ... We do not have a television in our home, however my five kiddos do fight. ...

Keeping 14 Month Old Occupied on 10 Hour Car Trip

Believe it or not, 14 month olds are able to watch tv. We bought a small television with a DVD player and make long trips with it. It works. Helpful? ...
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  • sid the science kid in 3 answers "I also enjoy Super Why and Sid the Science Kid (I'm sorta partial to the nerdy learning ..."
  • brains into mush in 2 answers "I highly doubt you are turning your boys' brains into mush."
  • pbs kids sprout in 2 answers "She also enjoys PBS Kids Sprout- Curious George, Berenstein Bears and Dragon Tales."
  • portable dvd player in 2 answers "I suggest new toys, books, and a portable DVD player with Einstein or Veggie Tale ..."
  • watch playhouse disney in 2 answers "... all...we let our 4 year old boy and our 9month old girl watch playhouse disney ..."