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K.B. asks from Charlotte

Is there any way to tell when your baby is teething? My son is only 4 months old and I know that it is a bit early to be teething but he has been "extra" fussy for t...



C.D. asks from Rapid City

I have a 3 month daughter and she just started teething. I am still breast feeding her so all she wants to do is like chomp on my boob. I was wondering on if there wa...



M.E. asks from Chicago

help my 11 month old baby girl is teething!! she cries and holds on to her mouth she has little fever and i have given her Tylenol already. i have also given her oraj...



J.M. asks from Dover

My almost 6 month old daughter is teething. She drools all day. I keep a bib on her so that she isnt soaking through her clothes however, she soaks through her bib i...



R.P. asks from Grand Rapids

My almost 18 week old daughter had been teething since she was 12 weeks. Her teeth still arent through yet. I feel so bad for her because you can tell she is in pain!...



K.S. asks from Topeka

my daughter is getting her first tooth/teeth in... i can feel it breaking through the gums. she's been pretty fussy in the evenings and i'm sure it's probably the tee...



E.C. asks from Miami

my 5 month old son has been congested for 4 days now and seems like he can barley breathe through his nose. He has been very cranky and cries but can be soothed when...


Is He Teething or What??

N.L. asks from Tampa

My baby will be 4 months tomorrow. Yesterday we had a very strange day... He was SO fussy, drooling like crazy, rubbing his chin to my shoulder, bitting everything an...


Is She Teething?

M.W. asks from Washington DC

My little girl (now 7 months old) usually sleeps a MINIMUM of 7 hours through the night. Lately though, she's been waking up every 2 - 4 hours crying. In the past, if...



K.C. asks from Phoenix

My 5mo old son is teething. When his teeth bother him he makes this funny face and looks like he is chewing. He's been pretty good, you can hardly tell. He only screa...

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