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2.5-Month-old Teething?

Yes a 2.5 month old could absolutely be teething. Babies can show teething symptoms for a couple of months before a tooth appears. My first baby got her ...

Teething and Sleep Advise

I was wondering if anyone has advise my teething baby. ... I know how you feel about letting the babies cry with teething--you can't really do it if they're ...

Does Teething Cause Fever and Projectile Vomiting?

Highlands Teething Tablets (baby dept and pharmacey at Walmart) are all natural and work wonders for teething. My 1 yr old can cut 3 or 4 teeth at one time ...

Belladonna- Yay or No? for Teething

14 Jun 2009 ... Belladonna- Yay or No? for Teething. I heard from others that this is not good to give to babies due to them possible seeing hallucinations. ...

Teething Tablets-Advice

I agree that they have helped tons of teething babies and exhausted mommies. From the research I did, I can see that the amount of Belladonna in the tabs is ...

Can Teething Cause Diarrhea?

I wondered about that too when my babies were teething. .... Hi E., some babies/ toddlers get diarrhea while teething, and who ever gave you the advice to ...

Need Help with Teething 7 Mth Old at Night!

HYLANDS TEETHING TABLETS!! they are all natural and work wonders, my babies calmed down immediately after putting a couple in their aching little mouths. ...

Can Babies Start Teething at 3 Months?

Read all 5 responses: "Can babies start teething at 3 months? My little guy is drooling and gnawing on his hand, bottle, anything and he's really fussy.

Putting a Teething Baby to Sleep.....

Read all 7 responses: "Hi there, I would really appreciate any help with this subject. My son is 1 week short of 8 months and he is already getting his 3rd ...

Can Teething Cause Ear Infections?

Hi W.,Teething is very hard on babies. Yes it can cause ear infections. If you think your baby has an ear infection you need to call her pediatrician. ...
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