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Bleeding While Teething

Read all 13 responses: "My daughter is having a very hard time with teething. Her two bottom teeth came in w/o any problems, really no pain at all.

4 Month Old Teething

Read all 24 responses: "Hello, My four Month old daughter seems to be teething, all she wants to do is bite on everything and is very fussy.

Signs of Teething

Read all 20 responses: "Hi everyone, wanted 2 know wht r the signs of teethin? My daughter is 3months & she's suckin on her fingers & startin 2 drool a lot!

13 Month Old Teething Badly

Read all 7 responses: "Hello Ladies! My just about 13month old is teething really badly. He is getting his two bottom eye teeth? and is miserable.

Breastfeeding Advice Needed - Teething Infant Not Getting Hind Milk

Read all 21 responses: "Hi Moms, I need advice on how to get my teething 5 month old infant to drink hind milk. Here is the situation...recently my baby has ...


Sep 28, 2009 ... Read all 5 responses: "My youngest, 14 months, seems to be constantly teething. She has been teething badly-no sleep, fussy, sometimes a low ...

Sleep Tips for During a Cold/ Teething

Read all 24 responses: "I am looking for some suggestions for how to allow/ assist your child to sleep better when he has a cold and is teething.


Oct 21, 2009 ... Read all 15 responses: "Has anyone else had horrible teething experiences with their children? You would have never known my eight year old ...

Amber Teething Necklaces

Read all 5 responses: "Has anyone used an amber teething necklace for their little one? My little one has started having teething symptoms and I want to ...
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  • use motrin instead of tylenol in 2 answers "I agree with the person that said use Motrin instead of Tylenol."
  • cut his first two teeth in 2 answers "... started teething at 12wks!!! yep that's right 3mos. he cut his first two teeth ..."
  • his first tooth at 4 months in 2 answers "My second son got his first tooth at 4 months and my third son had his first tooth ..."
  • baby vapor rub in 2 answers "It's an aquired smell, but they have baby vapor rub that has a touch of rosemary in ..."