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Unique Father's Day Gift

J.S. asks from Dallas

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of a unique Father's Day gift. I'm looking for something different. Thanks! EDIT: For my husband...sorry, forgot to clar...


Sumer Clothes in Phoenix for Baby Born in June

R.T. asks from Phoenix

This is kind of an odd question, but our second baby is due in June. Our first child was born in mid-September in the Midwest, so his first few months were spent mos...


Does the Uniform Make the Team?

B.D. asks from Pittsburgh

I feel silly even asking this question, but I've had this "debate" numerous times with other parents and we're always in strong disagreement. My daughter plays t...


How Do You Dress Your Child for School Cold Morning Hot Afternoons?

R.R. asks from Los Angeles

How do you dress your child when it is cold in the morning then it gets hot in the afternoon? I do not know if shorts will be ok? Thank you


2 Year Old Bday Ideas!

H.B. asks from Dallas

Hi mommas! My son will be turning two next month and I am having his party at my home. I was wondering what kind of activities are good for children who are two and ...


What to Wear in Floridia, in December.

A.B. asks from Boston

Hi Moms, Some of you may have seen my earlier question about going to Disneyworld. My husbands parents are taking them in December, because we will be home, getting...



D.H. asks from Canton

Where is your favorite store to get your kids clothes? I'm having a terrible time finding age appropriate, quality items for my daughter. Do they really need sassy s...


Naming of My Home Business

W.M. asks from Nashville

Hello everyone, I have been makings hairbows and accessories for a few months. Everyone tells me to have a name and web page so here I am. I want to have a name for ...


Pumpkin Decorating Party

S.G. asks from Albuquerque

I am having a pumpkin decorating party in a couple weeks. There will be about 50 people, 23 of which are kids. I will be providing all the decorations for the pumpkin...


What's Your Favorite Go-To Outfit?

❤.M. asks from Los Angeles

For every day? Something comfy, quick yet cute. What do you "throw" together if you have to leave home to run errands or drop by someone's office after having to ru...

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  • long pants and a light jacket in 2 answers "m.) you might want long pants and a light jacket (nothing heavy weight--no snow gear ..."
  • uniform doesnt make the team in 2 answers "No, the uniform doesn't make the team!"
  • short sleeve shirts in 2 answers "... hats, sunglasses). I wear shorts or capris in the winter, short sleeve shirts ..."
  • short sleeve shirt in 2 answers "This is how we layer. Short sleeve shirt with long sleev shirt over it."
  • long sleeve shirts in 2 answers "I would say bring light weight pants, long-sleeve shirts, maybe a two or three pairs ..."