teenage drinking

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Teenage Son Suspected to Be Drinking

B.B. asks from Columbia

Recently, events in our household have exposed the news that our 17 year old son has been drinking alcohol. He has had our trust for a very long time, with a few of t...


17 Year Old Drinking

K.L. asks from Cleveland

My 17 year old came home tonight, past curfew, totally wasted. She was falling over drunk. Her friend (who was sober) brought her home and apologized multiple times...


Teenaged Drinking and School Notification

S.J. asks from Dallas

My 17 year old daughter was at a friends house, and they found alcohol in the house. As teenagers often do, they started drinking it. My daughter tells me that a fr...


My Teenage Daughter Is Extremely Shy....

M.D. asks from San Francisco

My teenage daughter recently revealed her absolute terror of not having any friend. She is extremely shy and it is difficult for her to approach other teenagers in or...


Seeking Support for Teenage Blues

G.S. asks from Rochester

PLEASE HELP>>>>>My 16 year old son has decided he can make decisions on his own and does not want to follow the normal house rules. He is on an anxiety medication wh...


How to Best Guide and Be There for My Teenage Daughter

M.L. asks from Yuba City

what do you do when you have a teenage daughter who just lost her father? we shared 50/50 custody and he was her whole world. how do i make decisions about her life t...


My Teenage son....help!

L.W. asks from Washington DC

My son is 15. His dad died from cancer when he was 8 so I am the only parent. I also have an 11 year old daughter. My son drives me absolutely crazy! He locks him...


Drinking in Front of children....yes.....no.....sometimes?

K.S. asks from San Francisco

How often is it ok, if ever, to drink in front of kids? I sip wine all the time in front of my boys. I always thought that not sneaking around with it takes the curio...


Teenagers & Drinking - Friends with Different Opinions

H.G. asks from Lancaster

I had a rare and long overdue dinner with my two best friends last week. We are pushing 50 years old and all have teenagers between the ages of 15 and 17. Friend #1...


Teenage Punishments

P.S. asks from Columbus

ok my 15 year old daughter is grounded AGAIN this time for 4 weeks, the usual thing, not allowed out, except school, no phone, no pc etc, she is allowed to watch tv i...

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