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Games for Family Game Night

Games that use teamwork are really good for this age. I have a 4 children ranging from 20 to 5 years old and playing in teams helps the younger ones learn ...

5 Year Old Soccer Woes

Sure, they learn a little bit about teamwork, but that comes at a later age when they're actually able to understand the sport and how the team works. ...

How to Have an Organized Dinner When Both Parents Work Full Time!?

TEAMWORK is a must! Last, kraft has a great website (type in to google...not sure of the actual address) with tons of easy recipes. ...

Sibling Rivalry

Emphasizing "teamwork" is also important, and what being a family, is, and what being a "sibling" is. Teaching "attitude" is a foundation for kids... and ...

7 Year Old Discipline

It sounds like it's time for a family meeting where everyone gets to talk about teamwork and who does what to help. Make sure your expectations are ...

Help! My 4 Year Old Son Is Addicted to Wii!!!!!

It involves serious problem solving, cause-and-effect, and if played with another person, great teamwork and communication. My husband and son play together ...

Getting Another Job

It can be done, but it takes dedication, motivation, organization, and most of all teamwork with the family. Learn how to delegate. ...

Husband Won't Get a Job

It is teamwork. If you wait for your husband to do things for you, your kids will see this and assume that is how life is and will never take responsibility ...

Having Trouble Juggling Family, Work and School

Marriage is about teamwork, it doesn't matter who brings home the paycheck. Each person contributes to the family whether you're bringing home money, ...

12 Year Old No Longer Wants to Play Sports

Teamwork? I think that there are other ways you could get him the things you are looking for. If he really doesn't want to play I don't think pushing it is ...
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