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Tax Preparation

M.E. asks from Chicago

Does anybody have a good recommendation in the western suburbs (I'm in Oswego) for an accountant to prepare taxes? We moved here a couple of years ago from central IL...


Need Tax Help/ Advice

T.L. asks from Los Angeles

I need help with my taxes BIG TIME. A little info first so that you understand what I need and where Im coming from. So in 2007 I gave birth to my still born daughter...


Can MDO Programs Be Tax Deductibles...???

E.A. asks from Dallas

My next door neighbord, just divorced, Is working in her taxes for very first time in her life, she asked me few questions and I only could refer her to the public li...


How Much to Pay Tax Preparer? Complicated Business Taxes!

M.W. asks from Billings

My husband and I own a small business with 8 employees. We also have 2 very small LLC businesses that are almost dormant. Or tax preparer does a very good job for ...


Legal Business Advice

E.A. asks from Chicago

I am trying to set up an on-location photography side business officially this year. I've been doing practice sessions for a year now and feel ready for the next ste...


Wanting to Learn to Start My Own Business

G.B. asks from Kansas City

Hi would someone walk through the process of starting a small out of home business. From getting a tax going to market. web page.... ads etc.....everything.


The Cheapest Way to Fille Taxes

M.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Moms, Can you recommend me filling taxes with little or no fee. We always used Turbo Tax but it's getting to expenses. Any website or place I can file for l...


What to Do When Pregnant and Can't Afford a Doctor?

K.H. asks from Reno

Please, please no bashing! I am hesitant to write my question due to some of the nasty responses I have seen regarding similar ones-I'm a wreck right now so please-i...


Doing Taxes Online

K.W. asks from Washington DC

My husband and I have been going to H & R Block to get our taxes done. This year, we've decided to try our hand at doing our own taxes online. Since this is our first...


Need to Work from Home! Please Help!

D.P. asks from Houston

Life with husband and kids is so demanding. I'm looking for an opportunity to work from home. Does anyone know of any legitimate home based employment opportunities. ...

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