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Breaking Pacifier Habit

She called her pacifier a mimi. We told her about the mimi fairy. The mimi fairy will come and take the pacifier away and give it to babies that need them ...

2 Questions - Fussiness During/after Nursing & Best Pacifier for Breastfed Baby

Both my kids never wanted to take a pacifier and I know several kids that .... He is a big fan of the pacifierat first he would ONLY take the Soothie which ...


When my son was little he had a pacifier When he was about one I cut off the very tip of it He still used it ..... take the pacifier · to take the pacifier ...

5 Week Old Wont Take a Pacifier

Read all 54 responses: "hi! my friend has a 5 week old daughter and she will absolutely not take a pacifier. i was just wondering if anyone had any tips on ...

Seeking Advice to Take Pacifier Away from 19 Month Old

Read all 22 responses: "My son is 19 mo old and uses his pacifier to soothe himself during the day and to go to sleep (naps and night). It seems like lately ...

Taking Away Pacifier Aka Binky.

Personally, I would wait until things calm down a bit to take away the pacifier since she is only using it to sleep. That is her comfort object, ...

The Dreaded Pacifier

hi C.. i think that it's time to take away the pacifier, cold turkey. he may fuss or complain for a few days but will get the hint. i find trying to take it ...

Weaning off the Pacifier

Take a deep breth....this will probably take at least 3 nights. Cut off the tip of the pacifier and give it back to the baby, the next day cut it down again ...

My 4 Month Old Will Not Take a Pacifier

Read all 38 responses: "My four month old is forever sucking on her fingers and I am desparately discouraging her from doing that. She refuses to take the ...

2 1/2 Year Old Sleep Issues After Taking Pacifiers Away

Jun 29, 2009 ... And I know you don't want to hear this, but it's going to take a couple of weeks . My son voluntarily gave up his pacifiers at 3-1/2, ...
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