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4 Year Old "Cradle Cap"?

We tried the cradle cap stuff but it didn't work so we took her to the pedi, .... The only thing that worked for us was Nutrogena T Gel shampoo. ...

Cradle Cap

I have also heard that T-Gel works. When my babies were little I would also use baby oil on the cradle cap and comb through gently. It sometimes takes a ...

Cradle Cap/ Dry Scalp

I'd also try T-Gel shampoo, my step daughter had to use it as a kid for a .... my daughter had cradle cap and i couldn't get oil to work or anything. i ...

Cradle Cap

Read all 17 responses: "I was wondering if your child had cradle cap when ... So to get rid of it, we had to alternate shampoos using Neutrogena T-Gel and ...

Dry Scalp

My son doesn't have what I would consider cradle cap, its more just dry flaky scalp. .... For a 1-yr odl I would definitely stay away from the T-gel. ...

3 Month Son Has Dry Flaky Scalp Since 1 Wk Old and Getting Worse

It sounds like cradle cap. My daughter went through the same thing. ... two days with either a shampoo like Neutrogena T-Gel or with regular baby shampoo. ..... I tried everything on the market for cradle cap and it really didn't work. ...

2 Year Old Has Dandruff

We use the neutrogena t-gel 2in1 that doesn't stink and only every three days. .... Most cradle cap shampoos wouldn't work for her head. ...


I agree with S.'s advice on solids and cradle cap. Although with my son, I did end up using a very small amt of dandruff shampoo (neutrogena t-gel) and that ...

Crade Cap

You did nothing wrong- some babies just get cradle cap and others don't. .... I also bought Nuetregena T-gel. It is for adults, so you put about a dime size ...

Dry Scalp

Use neutrogena t-gel one to two times a week (and make sure to keep it out of his eyes), that will clear it up. ... Next question: Toddler with Cradle Cap? ...
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