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Signs of Autism or Mommy Paranoia

You have described very few of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) symptoms. Your son probably doesn't have ASD but he very well could have some of the ...

Rocking & Hitting Head on Do We Stop This?

Children with some symptoms of autism, but not enough to be diagnosed with classical autism, are often diagnosed with PDD-NOS. Children with autistic ...

Is Autism Is the Result of Bad Parenting

Their website is great and has tons of info on autism. It stands for Talk About Curing Autism Now. ..... educational services · autism symptoms ...

Help with Finding Information on Autism

Two really good books are "the out of synch child" and "the out of synch child has fun".. you can have sensory issues which may seem like autism symptoms ...


My son is only 4 months old and i dont assume he is going to have autism or .... If you would like any references or discuss the symptoms that worry you, ...


As a personal note I would have considered my older son on the autism spectrum as well but since going on a GFCF .... aspergers symptoms · aspergers autism ...

12 Month Old Only Likes Crunchy Food

While some of the statements about these being sometimes symptoms of autism or sensory issues are true, they are also symptoms of kids in general. ...

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Ps i am thinking autism also, but there are many dx's your son could fall under, the outbursts i know very well .... autism symptoms · child support law ...

My Son Was Recently Diagnosed with Autism and ADHD

As far as the autism, I do not know much about this. I have heard that some of the things mentioned above also play a part in autism symptoms. ...

Seeking Other Mom's W/ Special Needs kids-Autism Elburn

Especially those dealing with autism spectrum disorders. ... autism symptoms · special needs children · Special Needs · charles · Special Care ...
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