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Lyme's Disease

After her symptoms went away she still tested positive so we put her on one final ... My son had lyme disease when he was 2. He too had the bull eye rash. ...


It's caused by a Cocksackie virus, just like hand-foot-and-mouth disease (which my kids had). I'm not aware of vomiting as part of the symptoms...unless ...

Anybody with Information About Crohn's Disease

Hi I am a mother that has crohn's disease. I was diagnosed when I was 18. .... symptoms disease · carbohydrates · diet information · digestive system ...

Looking for More Info on Fifths Disease

I just read Staci's post asking for adivce on Fifths Disease. I also read all the responses .... fetus · fetus at 6 weeks · blood disease · symptoms disease ...

Celiac Disease

But I do want to re-enforce that if this is Celiac disease, do not put her on a Gluten Free diet until after you have ..... arizona home · symptoms disease ...

Weight Loss and Other Symptoms in My Son

There's a form of IBS that has severe diarrhea Like Chron's disease the food doesnt stay in the system .... the last ten pounds · celiac disease symptoms ...

Baby with Rash and Cold Symptoms

Treat you little ones symptoms in the same way that you would any other .... The rash is probably Fifth's Disease. Common in daycares and among children. ...

6 Months Pregnant with Flu like Symptoms, Doctor Will Not See Me

Oct 6, 2009 ... My family has had 2 bouts with flu like symptoms and each time we were ..... They can limited your access to spread the disease verses a ...

Question for Moms About Bright Red Cheeks at Night

Fifth disease begins with mild symptoms, including a fever, muscle aches, headache and decreased activity for a few days. About 7 to 10 days later, ...

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Gastroparesis

I was concerened that the irritable bowel disease was not the correct diagnosis, but I thought I would ask if anyone has ever had these symptoms with ...
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  • bulls eye rash in 4 answers "Really no need to test because of the bulls eye rash."
  • put her on a gluten free diet in 2 answers "... re-enforce that if this is Celiac disease, do not put her on a Gluten Free diet ..."
  • treated for lymes disease in 2 answers "I was treated for Lymes disease. We originally thought it was mono, but the blood ..."
  • blood test that can tell in 2 answers "I guess there is a blood test that can tell if you have ever had it (even when younger ..."
  • bright red cheeks in 2 answers "He use to get bright red cheeks when he was a baby and a tooth would be pushing through."