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He is 16 and also suffers from bi-polar disorder. I also need to find someone who..." ... bipolar disorder symptoms · spectrum disorder ...

Seeking Other Moms with Adult Children That Have Bipolar

We found a therapist she is working with now who is giving her the tools to control her life, recognize bipolar symptoms and handle them. Compared to a year ...

My 4 Year Old Daughter Might Be Bipolar

He also started her on an iddy biddy dose of Risperdol, which is to treat the bipolar symptoms. He is not going to officially dx her bp because he doen't ...

Help Understanding Bipolar Disorder in My 10 Year Old Son.

I want to know if anyone here has a child with bipolar disorder and how they ..... What are some other symptoms your child has shown? What factors made the ...

This Is Not Normal Teenage Behavior

She has been diagnosed in the past with ADHD,bipolar and borderline..." ... she is not getting the proper treatment to control her symptoms and you should ...

Need Advice on Relationship

i have been dating this man for almost 3 years. i am bipolar and have trouble with it from time to .... understanding women · bipolar disorder symptoms ...

5 Year Old in Trouble!

If her father is BP she could be too Early onset Bipolar disorder.There are alot of ADHD type symptoms with bipolar .Ask your Ped about your concern. ...

7 Year Old Temper Tantrums Constantly

Seeking Info on Bi Polar/ADHD Child · 16 · Support Online from Other Moms Dealing with Bipolar Husbands ... symptoms of bipolar · weight loss medications ...

Preteen Taking Zoloft

I have a preteen son who takes depakote and risperdal for bi-polar depression. You may also want to try Lexapro ... symptoms of anxiety · bi polar disorder ...

Add/adhd/bipolar?? He's Not Even 3Years Old Yet!

One is Bipolar and the other is ADHD. I have been through it. ... He would have to have extreme symptoms. Often ADD/HD and Bipolar go hand in hand. ...
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