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Grades, Classwork and Homework in General - 7Th Grade

She started showing symptoms in 2nd grade. All of the things you described are symptoms of ADD. Just so you know not all ADD is hyperactive. ...

Seeking Alternative ADHD Treatment

I am certainly not a doctor but I would like to share with you information about ADDADHD symptoms that have been alleviated by vitaminssupplements from the ...

My Son Has ADD - Question About Vyvanse

There are so many good ways to handle the ADD symptoms without the dangerous meds. It may not be easy at first and it took a few months to see any changes ...

7 Year Old Won't Sleep

My nephew has Aspergers (which has many similar symptoms of ADD) and he has benefitted tremendously from this natural healing program - in fact, ...

Is Is ADD or What?

There is a lot of cross-over with ADD symptoms. I would ask your doctor what he or she thinks about that. In the meantime, we have had some success with ...

Swine Flu or Just Bad Cold Symptoms

Swine flu is indeed going around and the symptoms vary kid to kid but my daughter had .... have no clue what your child has, but just want to add to be very ...

Children with Adhd

Unfortunately many teachers have NO IDEA what ADD symptoms even are I spoke to twechers for my youngest son in his Junior years of high school a teacher he ...

Getting a Child to Focus

Also, girls and boys exhibit different symptoms of ADD/ADHD. Boys tend to be " hyper" and impulsive, girls tend to be "daydreamers" and easily distracted and ...

8 Year Old Son Who Is Not Interested in School Academics.

Girls are able to hide ADD symptoms as they get older because of the social issues. If you are able to get him evaluated preferrably outside of school (very ...

My Son Has Trouble Paying Attention in School

Obviously, I'm not an expert at diagnosing attention problems, but it does sound as if your son has some ADD symptoms. Children with ADHD have the ...
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