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Leg Cramps

As an athletic trainer, I can say cramps are common. Muscles rely on 3 things to work: sodium, potassium, and calcium, and the proper balance of the 3. ...

Has Anyone Used the Total Gym? I'm Thinking of Buying One.

I Cant Lose Weight and I Have a Personal Trainer ... Send Thank You Cards for Toddler · Looking for Swimming Lessons · Depression ...

Puppy and Daughter Help!!

Aug 26, 2009 ... As far as the house training is concerned since youre at home you can .... Send Thank You Cards for Toddler · Looking for Swimming Lessons ...

Am I Freaking Out Needlessly?

Jul 20, 2009 ... am now considering becoming a trainer you are young dont sweat it ..... Send Thank You Cards for Toddler · Looking for Swimming Lessons ...

Do Any of You Mom's Use the Stapleton Pediatrics Group as Your Pediatrician?

cross trainer · denver home · mom older · baby group · mom group · group mom · top pediatrician · parenting magazine and ...

Looking for Help with Getting 3 Month Old to Sleep

Your peanut is just way way too young to be sleep training. ..... Growth, Height & Weight Charts · Visitors During Delivery · Swim Diapers ...

My Son Won't Eat Meat

Beth Y added this item Potty training boys is disgusting There is no way around this Keep a bottle of lysol spray and paper towels in the bathrooms for ...

Comparing LA Fitness off 75 & Eldorado and 24 Hour in Allen

LA Fitness lets you cancel or freeze ONLY if you don't sign the training membership. BEWARE!!! Don't get a training membership!!! Not worth the money. ...

Need Advice for Older Baby Who Does Not Want to Drink!

A good sippy cup to try (it was the only one my son would take at frist as well) is the Gerber trainer. It has a blue spout on it and one cup even has ...

Weaning and Potty Training

As far as potty training we have a potty chair and a seat that fits over ... As for potty training, let her tell you when she is ready--then it will ..... Summer Vacation · Utilities · Tips & Strategies · Traveling by Car · Swim Teams ...
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  • sounds like growing pains in 2 answers "Sounds like growing pains not much you can do."
  • lack of potassium in 5 answers "I got leg cramps a lot in my twenties and found it could be a lack of potassium."
  • experienced leg cramps in 2 answers "My children haven't experienced leg cramps, but when I was pregnant with my first ..."
  • had leg cramps in 3 answers "I have had leg cramps in the night (not my children) so it may be different for them."
  • other sources of protein in 2 answers "I would not worry too much and do some research other sources of protein."