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Frenectomy or Not?

Go to an oral surgeon to get this done. They can put your son under, .... etc to get rid of a "cosmetic issue" which I don't think is an issue. ...

What to Do About Stretchmarks?

Two Dr.s have told me that neither will go away unless I go see some sort of cosmetic surgeon and get a tummy tuck which will take care of both the "pouch" ...


In my experience don't put your dd through unneeded surgery just for cosmetic purposes. Wait it out to see if it disrupts her vision. ...

Breast Reduction

after the surgery in 3 answers when I recovered I ended up loosing 20 pounds in the 2 months after the surgery; cosmetic reasons in 2 answers it to anyone ...

"Ear Tag Removal"

Seek info from a cosmetic surgeon or from a dermatologist, or another doctor. Removal of tags is common and okay, she will be fine. Easy to understand dad's ...

Question Re: Son with "Folded" Ear at Birth

It seems a bit frivolous to get cosmetic surgery on an ear that works perfectly well, but I don't want him to be teased as he gets into and dad ...

Boob Job/tummy Tuck After 2 Babies

But I wouldn't have done it for purely cosmetic reasons, surgery has its ... I also know where how you can actually get a DISCOUNT on Cosmetic Surgery. ...

Seeking Excellent Surgeon and Facts About Breast Implants in Albany Ny Area

Oct 7, 2009 ... Can you imagine losing her legs and the use of her hands for surgery she didn't need to begin with? Cosmetic surgery is unnecessary and dangerous. ...

Minor, but Rather Pricey Surgery

He is also a very skilled surgeon and very meticulous. ... doc was very candid and said he didn't think I should take it off "just for cosmetic" reasons. ...

6 Month Old with Strabismus

At 21, she decided to have the surgery for the cosmetic reasons, and it was bad. She had double vision for more weeks than was predicted and it was ...
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