sugar sensitivity

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Baby Rash

Aug 31, 2009 ... It sounds like he is allergic or has a sensitivity to something in ... and sugar is very acidic and likely contains MSG and food coloring ...

Introducing Milk Products?

(yay! he is breastfed but had a cow's milk sensitivity since being born so i had ... My daughter was also sensitive to cows milk, so she has been drinking ...

Goat Milk or Soy Milk or Rice Milk???

Rice milk has way to much sugar SAME FOR ALMOND MILK NOT TO MENTION -NO REAL ... He could only drink Similac sensitive formula beforehand and had reacted to ...

Sensitive Sons Feeling

Healthy Eating · Healthy Snacks · Juice & Milk · Limiting Sweets & Sugar ... My son 8 is so sensitive when he is playing with the nieghborhood boys and ...

Ouch...C Section

Aug 25, 2009 ... Juice & Milk · Limiting Sweets & Sugar · Liquids ... had a C with my first and I remember having sensitivity in the area of the scar for ...

3 Y/o Sensitive Ears

Healthy Eating · Healthy Snacks · Juice & Milk · Limiting Sweets & Sugar .... A lot of times kids grow out of this sensitivity as they get older,but not ...


it sounds to me that she is having issuses with her blood sugar levels ... sensitivityalmost extreme sensitivity to light and sounds ...

2 Year Old Always Thirsty

And he may be thirsty because juicy has a lot of sugar and actually can make you ... she can link it to some food intolerance or sensitivity that they have. ...

Seeking Dairy-free Cake Recipe

Jun 30, 2009 ... who also has a dairy sensitivity, and it is SOOOO delicious, moist and rich ... I totally recommend using powdered sugar for topping, ...

Need Help with Over-sensitive 2 Year Old Who Screams About Everything!

Healthy Eating · Healthy Snacks · Juice & Milk · Limiting Sweets & Sugar ... My two year old girlwill be three in 2 months is so sensitive to nearly ...
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