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F.S. asks from Pocatello

Hi.. looking for advice or feedback...My 4 year old has not had any speech issues pertaining to articulation. All of the sudden he has developed a bad stutter these p...



M.L. asks from New York

Hi Moms, I have a question/concern in my almost 3 year old little girl...About a month and a half ago I noticed that she was stuttering a little bit...not all words,...



A.Z. asks from Los Angeles

Hi moms, my 21 month old, who has been speaking incredibly well for a very long time (wide range of vocabulary and putting together good sized sentences) suddenly sta...



... asks from Los Angeles

My DD is almost 3 and she's been talking since she was 1. She has a pretty wide vocabulary and has never had trouble expressing herself, but within the last 3 weeks ...


Pseudo Stuttering

A.J. asks from St. Louis

Approximatly 3 weeks ago, my 2.5 year old daughter started stuttering. I have done a bit of research and found that they say that she will grow out of it if she is r...


Stuttering Toddler

L.B. asks from Portland

Has anyone had a stuttering toddler (3yo)? I am told by most people it is developmental and she will grow out of it, but 6 mos later I am questioning that. She is go...


Stuttering Advise

K.R. asks from Denver

Hi. I have a vary smart and active little 2 1/2 year-old boy. Recently, I have noticed that he is stuttering a lot with his speach. I started noticing it about 2 mo...


Is This the Beginning of Stuttering?

M.F. asks from Colorado Springs

My almost 3 year old son is starting to repeat the first whole word of a sentance, especially when he is asking a question. For instance, he will say "Can I can I ca...


Stuttering Problem

L.B. asks from Provo

My 3 year old son has started a stuttering and it's only getting worse. It first started when he would get excited (we laughed about it because it was cute...we now k...


Stuttering in Toddlers

A.N. asks from Philadelphia

Hello, We've noticed that our 2.5 year old daughter has occasionally been stuttering lately. This usually happens when she is asking a question, and she repeats th...

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