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9 y.o. Boy with Speech/language Impairement,oral Language Skills at Age 7,

L.P. asks from Boston

Hi, are there other moms with kids that need a lot of processing time in order to fully understand what is being said to them. My son is 9, ending 2nd grade. He has a...


Sylvan for High School?

K.K. asks from San Antonio

We need help in study skills, anyone else use Sylvan to learn how to study? I have a junior and she does not know how to study to pass a test. She does the work and...


Middle School Daughter's Grades Dropping

M.U. asks from Charlotte

She is grounded for not bringing home all of her homework and completing it. She was always one of the top students in elementary. She only previously struggled with...


School Help for My 10 Year Old 5Th Grader

M.M. asks from Oklahoma City

My son is struggling this year. He can't remember to turn in homework, or he just doesn't do it. He says he is trying as hard as he can. I fear we are going to hav...


Taking the GRE (Grad School)

L.Q. asks from Chicago

I have recently decided to get my Masters to go for my dream job. It looks like most colleges require the GRE for the program I want to enroll in. Have any of you tak...


Intelligent, but Academically Lazy Child

S.H. asks from Chicago

My 14 year old freshman has proven through standardized testing that he is very intelligent. However, his grades reflect another story as he is failing all subjects....



C.M. asks from New York

I failed my LPN boards and now very unmotivated to study ....any pointers ,,,, anyone else going thru this ughhhh


Classes to Help Teens with Studying

K.B. asks from Denver

Has anyone ever had their child enrolled in those classes that help students with study methods? My son, is having trouble studying now that the homework is much mor...


Grades Dropping

M.K. asks from San Francisco

Hello, My daughter is in 7th grade. Just today, we got the progress report letter and her grades are slipping. In elementary school, she always got straight A's and ...


Regarding Lesson for a 3.5Yr Old Child

S.S. asks from Kansas City

what lessons should I give a 3 .5 yr child.Academiccally.She is reluctant to study, knows only limited lessons 1-10 ,A-D I badly need some advice how to train her bef...

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