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$7000 For Tutoring at Sylvan to Teach My 10 Year Old How to Read???

My nephew is going for Algebra and study skills once a week and they guarantee that we will see a difference by christmas break. ...

Too Much Homework?

I didn't get my first B until the 9th grade when I got a couple of C's and even a D. Why, because I hadn't learned study skills. I was so used to breezing ...

Seeking Tutors in the Arlington Area

Plus, I've enrolled her in a Summer Reading Program wherein she'll focus on Phonics, Comprehension, Vocabulary, Study Skills and Reading Speed. ...

Teenagers in College

I am sure her college offers tutoring and seminars on study skills and various other topics. Encourage, but don't force!, her to seek out these services. ...

Intelligent, but Academically Lazy Child

We've tried counseling, therapy, study skills training and much more to no avail . Very disstraught mother. Answer. 3 moms found this helpful. Helpful? ...

Seeking Information onHome School.

Home-schooled children are often perceived as smarter, with better study skills, but also withdrawn socially--this isn't necessarily the case. ...

Huntington, Sylvan or Other Tutor Help

It was called "Speed Reading, Comprehension, and Study Skills". He doesn't like to spend alot of time reading, but it seems to me that he is applying some ...

My 13 Year Old Son Is What Is a "Gifted" Student, Also Learning Disabled

He finally developed some coping mechanisms for himself and got some help developing better organizational and study skills through a local Huntington ...

1St Grader Struggling with Homework

Homework in grade school is effective in teaching kids good independent study skills. However, some research shows that grade schoolers only achieve 6% gain ...

5 Year Old Can't Stay on Task

I "play" games with him, which in turn sharpens his cognitive skills. .... counslers in additon to tudors and programs to teach me better study skills. ...
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  • 10 minutes per grade in 2 answers "I too have heard the '10 minutes per grade'"
  • huge change from high in 2 answers "College is big, overwhelming, and very impersonal - a huge change from high school."
  • look up your state in 2 answers "org and you can look up your state and it's laws concerning homeschooling."
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