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How Long Should Night Time Routine Take for 2 1/2 Yr Old?

... 7 or 7:30pm and he brings a lot of "Daddy energy" into reading books. ..... If you need to streamline, cut the TV - research-based evidence points to TV ...

Fulltime Employed and Still a Good Mom?

I retired 2 years ago because I spent so much time and energy on other ...... Streamline your life, cut back on things that make sense to do without (I'm ...

Husbands and Female Friends

I am sick and tired of wasting my energy on these feelings. .... This is the bottom line. It would be selfish of me to think that I alone can and even ...

Think I'm Pregnant

I think it is more accurate then the stream method. ... get the two of you on the same "team" for this "project" which will require your foremost energy and commitment for the ..... the second line had appeared on the results indicator. ...

How Do I Lose Weight Safely While Nursing?

You can go to meetings or follow their program on-line. ... Depending on where in Schaumburg you are located, our Carol Stream stroller fitness ..... have already lost 12 lbs. and I feel like I have so much more energy for my daughter. ...

The School Says My 6 Yr Old Has A.D.D. Not the Hyperactivity Type

The medications help produce an organized stream of thought. ..... now i'm mortified as i look on line to see some of the "side effects" of ..... Give him lots of opportunities to burn off energy and make sure he has a regular bedtime. ...

Needing Ways to Handle Child with ADD?

I could go on and on about this subject but the bottom line is they need to get help ..... is to control the foods that will put to much sugar in the blood stream. ... They usually have lots of energy, creativity, and love taking risks! ...

I Hate Being a Working Mom, Advice Please!

There is training on-line, a lot of phone support, and live training too. ...... I teach and train people who are looking for a second income stream or a way to replace their current income ..... Plus I have more energy and feel great. ...

Seeking Encouragement

She really helps you streamline your life so that it isn't quite so overwhelming . ..... It will give you the energy burst because you'll see improvements. ...

People Are Saying Bad Things Because I Home School My Kids, How Can I Cope?

The bottom line is people are afraid of what they don't know. ...... I admire you, it takes alot of energy to do what you are doing. ...... in the public school system... a Christian, raised right and excelling in the main stream. ...
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