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Hair Care Help!

I have straight hair. My five year old daughter has beautiful, natural long curly hair. The kind people PAY to have--I once had someone ask me when I got ...

Ideas How to Keep a Bow in Baby Girl's Hair

Now that she's 4, she WANTS a bow to stay in her hair, but no matter what kind of barrette, clip, etc. we buy, nothing stays. Her hair is fine and straight. ...

Need Advice on Hair Styling Product !!!

I had earlier asked for advice on hair straightening products a few days back. .... hair straightening · hair styling · straight hair · iron hair ...

I Need Help with My Daughter's Curly Hair

I have straight hair, so I am almost clueless when it comes to curly hair. My daughter's hair is full of curls. Everyday, I dread combing out her hair ...

Help Me Do My Little Diva's Hair

My daughter is 27 months with poker straight hair, but it is very thin. I can't get her to sit in my lap long enough to try to put a ponytail in her hair, ...

Curly Hair

Sep 28, 2009 ... My daughter has stickstraight but very thick hair but my niece has hair like your daughter When the girls were about two i asked my ...

Hair Care for an Active 3 Year Old

(I've had my hair straightened, & I know this who thing may sound nuts to someone with straight or wavy hair since straight hair breaks when you do this, ...

What Can I Use for Nappy Hair? Plz Help, It Drives Me Nuts!

Our whole family has super curly hair. We only shampoo once or twice a week since curly hair dries out much more easily than straight hair. ...

Hair Detangler!!

My 5 yr. old daughter has very fine straight hair. I think all hair types tangle and it's hard when it's attached to a young girl. My mother-in-law sent me ...

Need to Know If It Is Okay to Thin Out a Biracial Childs Hair

I have a lot of friends with different textures of hair and a lot of them go to dominican hair salons they specialize in thick curly or straight hair they ...
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  • wide toothed comb in 5 answers "I also suggest a wide toothed comb to start, then go into a smaller toothed one to ..."
  • wide toothed comb in 4 answers "... ringlets.) Then I comb her hair, section by section, with a wide-toothed comb ..."
  • johnsons no more tangles in 3 answers "I also use the good old-fashioned Johnson's no-more-tangles, works for me."
  • biolage detangling solution in 2 answers "Biolage Detangling Solution!! It's the best thing ever invented."
  • use a wide tooth comb in 2 answers "... about 5 minutes...when you comb it out while it is wet..use a wide tooth comb ..."