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My 19 Month Old Has Loose, Cream Colored Stools

Read all 9 responses: "I have a 19 month old daughter who for the last 4 days has been having mostly loose, cream colored stools. She has been drinking more ...

15 Mo Old Daughter Has Had Loose Stool / Diarrhea for 4 Weeks

Read all 35 responses: "My 15 mo old had an ear infection 4 weeks ago, was put on antibiotics and since has developed a progressively worse case of the runs ...

Change in Stool Consistency and Frequency for Breastfed Baby

Read all 5 responses: "My breastfed baby is now four 1/2 months old. He gets about 2-3 oz of formula on days that I work (about 4 times a week).

Mucousy and Stringy Stools

Read all 7 responses: "For a few months my 4 month old has had mucousy stools. The doctor originally told me not to breastfeed him. The formula did not ...

Formula Allergies?!?!

She started out on Similac...was having 5-7 loose stools a day. The Dr. switched her to soy formula, and she was..."

21 Month Old Blood in Stools

Read all 17 responses: "I just changed a diaper and my baby has blood in her stools. She may have been constipated. Her stools were really hard.

Seeking Advice on Concepation

Maybe a stool softener?? I'm sure if you tell them how much of a hard time you are ... The stool softener helped me tremendously! I took mine almost daily. ...

Toddler Diarrhea?

my son is 23 months old and has had VERY loose, watery stools for months now. .... My son has been having very loose stools, but having a runny nose as well ...

Stool Holding - Potty Training

Read all 12 responses: "We've been working on potty training with our 3 1/2 year old for months now. She's mastered going pee in the potty, but we've been ...

15 Month Old Has Runny Stools.

Read all 8 responses: "HEy Ladies, i always get great responses from you guys and i have another question. I have a 15 month old that had one runny stool on ...
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  • iron in prenatal vitamins in 2 answers "Also the constipation is exacerbated by the iron in prenatal vitamins."
  • tried changing his diet in 2 answers "We have tried changing his diet, adding new things, avoiding some foods, nothing helps."
  • tried the brat diet in 2 answers "Have you tried the BRAT diet? Bananas, rice, apple sauce and toast."
  • stool softener in 4 answers "Maybe a stool softener?? I'm sure if you tell them how much of a hard time you are ..."
  • bad diaper rash in 3 answers "He had such bad diaper rash, he got 2 different prescription ointments for that ..."