stomach virus

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Flu Season

Sounds like she has a stomach virus...not the flu. I do not belive you throw up and have diarreah when you have the flu. You have horrible body aches and a ...

4 Year Old with Flu like Symptoms

My 1 yr old and 4 yr old had the same symptoms several weeks ago and it was just a stomach virus, they had already had their flu shots. ...

Vomit Question - Orange Spots, No Meds Involved

I agree with the previous response, my god daughter just had this last week, same stomach virus, I hear it's going around lots and lots :(, though she did ...

Seeking Advice on Treating Diarrhea  and Vomiting in 8 Month Old

My eight month old twins are sick with a stomach virus- vomiting and diarrhea. They also have running noses and chest congestion. Just when I think one..."

My Baby Has a Stomach Ache

It sounds like you little one is just getting over a stomach virus. Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about stomach pain from viruses. ...

All 3 Kids Are Puking Now

Anyway, my kids rarely get a fever with a stomach virus (which is what causes it ) but it is definitely contagious. What an odd thing to tell you? ...

Son Has Severe Stomach Cramps Since Tonsillectomy/adenoidectomy

This might be a stretch, but when I am having sinus trouble, my stomach hurts because of the nasal drip of .... severe stomach virus · stomach ache foods ...

Stinky Poo Poo

My daughter had a stomach virus that lasted 8 days with no symptoms other than diarrhea. There isn't much you can do except keep her hydrated & use tons of ...

Stomach Pain+back Pain+loose Bm Help!

Sounds like you have just describes ur period, if ur not expecting it you might have a stomach virus... Worse case you could have like little cyst on ur ...

Vicious Virus

Just wondered if anyone out there has a child/children suffering from a bout of this nasty stomach virus. My son is on day 7 with diarrhea and terrible ...
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