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Child Having Upset Stomach Issues

Now if she starts showing symptoms of a UTI I just take a urine sample into ... I have had problems with my 9 year old on and off with her stomach hurting. ...

3 Year Old Complains of Stomach Upset

She was complaining about her stomach and also her right knee. ... But also has no symptoms, so I'm leaning towards it being a phase. ...

Stomach Aches from Milk

My six-year-old son, who has always loved milk, is getting stomach aches these days ... I started paying attention when the symptoms would happen and if any ...

I Need Help Diagnosing My 10-Year-old's Stomach Troubles

Read all 8 responses: "My 10-year-old has had a stomach ache for 3 weeks. ... The symptoms of her anxiety were presenting themselves to us on a more regular ...

My Son Has a Fever with No Other Symptoms.

My 5 year old son is running a low fever with no other real symptoms. ... Since he isn't eating, he may have a bit of a stomach virus. ...

Virus Symptoms

We had a stomach virus earlier this spring in our house. ... People can show the same symptoms to the same illness but not always is that true. ...

Breastmilk with Upset Stomach

I also experienced that when I was feeling upset stomach symptoms, he was too. So what I would do is pump out all the milk and wait to use the restroom ...

"My Nine Year Old Daughter Is Getting Stomach Aches at Bedtime"

Or maybe she's probably caught the famous stomach virus. It usually lasts about a week. My girls and my husband got it. These were their symptoms nausea, ...

Stomach Issues - I Have a Very Angry Belly!

I've always had stomach problems even as a child;constantly back and forth between constipation ... There are too many things that can cause your symptoms. ...

Son with a Stomach Bug

My son is dealing with a stomach bug and has been since Wednesday. I had it, along with my ... They all had different symptoms, but nevertheless NASTY! ...
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