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2 Month Old with Terrible Gas Pains

My two month old that starting having terrible gas pains last week. ... He may be lactose intolerent and it forms gases in his stomach so ask the doctor ...

Best Bottle to Help with Spit up and Gas

... in yogurt) This will help to balance out the stomach acids in your sons belly. ... I used the drop in liners to help with gas. The spit up could be from ...

2 Month Old with Terrible Gas Pains

Read all 16 responses: "My two month old started having terrible gas pains last ... and spinach cause i was worried it would be too hard on her stomach, ...

Newborn with Horrible Gas

Read all 49 responses: "My 4 week old is having horrible gas pretty much all the ... juice and caraway seed helps force all of the gas out of the stomach. ...

Stomach Aches from Milk

My stomach literally fills with painful gas and takes a couple of hours to feel better. I would check with your pediatrician just to make sure, ...

Abdominal Pain

Changing it often will really make for an upset stomach. I also used Dr Browne bottles, but I switched the nipples. All three of my kids had gas/spitting up ...

Stomach Bug???

It sounds more like gas than a stomach bug. You can try burbing her during the feeding and massaging her lower belly/bowls as well as moving her legs up ...

Gassy 7 month-old...because of Solids?

Well, all of a sudden, my baby's started having a lot of gas. ... my son it took a little longer on all the solids just because of the sensitive stomach. ...

Seeking Comfort

I had gas pains really bad while pregnant, and was eating green grapes when my stomach was relieved. I started eating them almost daily while pregnant. ...

7 Month Old up at Night Every Hour with Gas

Mother of Five, With two that had stomach gas problems for a long time until I learned what could help. 1 mom found this helpful. Helpful? ...
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