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Steam Vaccuming

Read all 6 responses: "Hello everyone Has anyone tried steam vaccum that you can rent at walmart? Is Steam vaccuming good for carpet cleaning?

Will Steam Air Humidifer Help Cough..

Read all 10 responses: "Hello, My son is coughing again, Someone mentioned a " Steam Air Humidifer" will that help coughing and congestion? Thanks M."

Looking for a Carpet Cleaner Machine

Hi D. - you can rent a steam cleaner from lowes or home depot - it's pretty cheap and does a nice job ... We just bought a Hoover steam cleaner and love it! ...


Steam is great for chest congestion. Go into the bathroom with the door closed and .... yah steam works really well, my 5 month old had a lot of congestion ...

Ideas for Cleaning Microfiber Couch...

steam clean with non toxic fluids, esp. because you have a pet and a small child and you're ... If that doesn't not work you can get them steam cleaned. ...

Carpet Cleaning Service Needed

You can buy a hoover steam vac for around $130-$150 and clean your own carpets whenever ... I am just a mom of 4 young kids and love my hoover steam vac! ...

Good Carpet Cleaners?

I have a hoover steam cleaner and it works really well. We have carpet in every room in our house so I need a steam cleaner. These usually run $129 to $150. ...

Cleaning Hard Wood Floors

I use either Murphy's soap or my Shark steam vac...I love my hard wood floors. ... I would use one of the steam cleaners for floors. They kind of look like ...

Breaking up the Phlegm in My 16/17 Month Old's Chest.

All the basics . . . push fluids (especially warm ones like chicken broth or warmed up apple juice), cold humidifier, steam in the shower/bath, ...

8Mo Old Refusing Baby food.....need Suggestions

You can steam almost any vegetable to make it soft enough for him to eat-sweet ... (I'm sure you know how to steam, but you just get one of those metal ...
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  • mop and murphys oil soap in 2 answers "To clean periodically use a DAMP cloth or mop and Murphy's Oil Soap."
  • white vinegar and hot water in 2 answers "... company and this is what they tell everyone. Use White Vinegar and Hot water ..."
  • try putting vicks on the bottom in 2 answers "Try putting VICK'S on the bottom of the person's feet, chest back and bundle up real ..."
  • use a dust mop in 3 answers "I miss my hardwoord; it's so beautiful. Use a dust mop or a Swiffer regularly."
  • hard boiled egg in 2 answers "Pasta, sliced peaches, cantelope, hard boiled egg yolk, cubes of sweet potato, cheese ..."