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Seeking Vaccinations Answers in Santa Monica, West LA

I would say not to do the ones you don't feel comfortable with, you know the statistics on those and why they may be unnecessary. ...

Need Advice on Opening My Own Daycare.

The statistics show that most daycares only survive about 2-years. Why? Probably burnout, though I don't know personally. Financially, the income is not ...


multiple pregnancy loss · pregnancy statistics · fear of giving birth · pregnant pictures free · chances of pregnancy after miscarriage · pregnancy pictures ...

Childbirthing Classes and Doulas

They have on their website their statistics on how many women have epidurals and c-sections, in the "In the News" section of their website. ...

Successful VBAC Encouragement Needed

I read all the statistics, etc. My doctor finally talked me out of it. I had a planned c-section the next time, and it was wonderful. ...

Questions About H1N1 Vaccine

30 Sep 2009 ... Research it out for yourself and check the statistics regarding some of these diseases in children, i.e. autism for instance where I believe ...


In our family, we've always done a small pewter plate that engraved around the edges with the child's statistics from birth, Godparents names & church ...

Help Quit Smoking

... employees six months notice and paid for seminars patches gum etc Lots started very few quit in the end I think they statistics show a 10 percent quit ...

Anyone Use 17 OH Progesterone Caproate Weekly Injections to Stop Preterm Labor?

It's ultimately your decision, but online information can be across the board statistics and not very personal to your situation. If you trust your doctor, ...

Small Lies

Divorce, remarriage with little girls, the statistics are not in her favor right now. If you know he's a liar now, you can't really expect him to change ...
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