stains on clothes after washing

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Getting Out Stains

Ok here's my problem,either myself,myhusband or my kids always get a stain on clothes and even after I wash them stains just don't seem to come out. ...

Stain Remover

Sep 15, 2009 ... Does anyone have a home recipe to remove stains from clothing that has been. ... and wash it all free (and this does work even after the clothes have been ...

Getting Yellow Stains Out of Stored Baby Clothes?

Do not use bleach this will only set the stain and do not put the clothes in the dryer if the stains do not come out after the wash. Just resoak in oxyclean ...

Stain Removal?

Oct 17, 2009 ... I usually spray and let dry sometimes a day or so before washing...It's gotten grease stains from cooking out of my shirts I didn't know were there after ...

Car Seat Cleaning & Stained Baby Clothes. (2 Month Old)

Sep 23, 2009 ... It works wonders on stains even after I had already washed the .... 4) My best trick for keeping baby clothes looking new is to wash in cold ...

Washing Machine Odor

My son had a big accident in his pants, and after washing them in our .... (This is great to get old stains out of clothes if made into a paste and put on ...

How to Get Set in Grease Stains Out?!?!?!

They have gotten some crazy stains out of my boys' clothes. ... I have been pretty successful (even after something has been washed and dried) when using liquid ... Dawn dishing washing detergent works well. If you've already washed and ...

Laundering of Food, Feces and Spit-up Stains

Try the stain stick, you can treat it now and wash later which I L.. I always inspect the treated clothing after they are done washing and retreat if the ...

Stain Removal

Believe it or not but Fantastic spray gets out weird stains in clothes. I spray it on and let it set for about a half hour and wash as usual. Try it! ...

Yellow Poop Stains

I try to hand wash his clothes, soak them in oxyclean. ... 5 answers "I use cloth diapers and I line dry them after washing. Any poop stains that were on . ...
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  • spray and wash stain stick in 2 answers "... with me at all times - in my daughters diaper bag - a Spray and Wash stain stick."
  • use regular oxi clean in 2 answers "... fine for most kids, unless you see they are sensitive--I use regular Oxi-clean ..."
  • clorox bleach pen in 2 answers "n wash with Resolve power, and the clorox bleach pen on white stuff."
  • product called pre spot in 2 answers "Dear Collen: I have used a product called Pre-spot from a company called Melaueuca ..."
  • automatic dishwasher detergent in 2 answers "... detergent ( I prefer CostCo's Members Mark dry automatic dishwasher detergent ..."