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Help! Big Red Soda on Carpet!!!

I spilled coffee on my white carpet and it completely took the stain out. Good luck! Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

How to Get Dog Stains Out of Carpeting

Lastly (and my favorite) is the Oreck Carpet Cleaner for pet stains (it's the ... Do not use any kind of carpet cleaner on the stains before using enzymes. ...

Anyone Have Any Suggestions on Getting Wood Stain Out of White Carpeting?

Did some staining - thought it was dry, brought it inside, set it on the carpet and got a blotch of cherry wood stain on the carpet. ...

Desitin in the Carpet?!?

Hi K., I know this will sound weird, but I find scrubbing bubbles that you buy for the bathroom has taken alot of stains out of my carpet for all kinds of ...

Best Kind of Carpet

If you really want carpet I would go berber..and spend the extra amount to get stain resistant. We have that downstairs on our carpet and liquid doesn't ...

How to Get Vomited Milk Out of My Carpet?!

I have been able to get every kind of smell and stain that 2 kids can manufacture out of my carpet with this, and my light colored solid plush carpet still ...

Crayon off Clothes

Sep 6, 2009 ... But, the iron, papertowel, then bleach water (we had berber carpet) set up took the stain right out. I worked at a flooring store at the ...

Advice for Getting Desitin Out of Carpet and Upholstery

Desitin is greasy, so I think anything that's made to remove grease stains from carpet should do the trick. Go to Home Depot, Lowes, or Ace and ask someone ...

Help Getting Grease Out of Carpet

I use it for traffic stains and all the grease out there. Takes oilve oil out of any fabric. Its safe on the carpet. I even sent my husband on his business ...
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  • dawn dishwashing liquid in 2 answers "M., My mom swears by Dawn dishwashing liquid for ALL stains!"
  • product called kids and pets in 2 answers "S., There is a product called Kids & Pets, Wal-Mart or Target sells it."
  • natures miracle in 9 answers "I tried Nature's Miracle. I had a professional come out and clean, and then had them ..."
  • hydrogen peroxide in 3 answers "An inexpensive solution to try is hydrogen peroxide."
  • cleaner for pet stains in 2 answers "... it will get down into the padding) and is a great enzyme cleaner for pet stains."