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"Ink Explosion" Trying to Find a Way to Get Ink Stains Out of My Dryer

Read all 22 responses: "A typical incident and was wondering if anyone knows how to get the Ink stains out of your dryer. My son left an ink pen in his ...

How to Get Stains Out of Micro Fiber Couch

Read all 8 responses: "Hey everyone. I have been trying to get stains out of my couch for some time now. It seems like everything I try ends up leaving a ...

Hardwater Stains on Glasses

Read all 22 responses: "Hi Moms, My problem is after my glasses come out of the dishwasher they have white streaks and gunk all over them that cannot be ...

How to remove greasy chapstick stains on clothes?

Read all 18 responses: "I have a horrible habit of leaving my chapstick in my pocket and teh throwing it in the wash. Now there are greasy chapstick stains ...

Best Stain Remover for Old Stains on Baby Clothes

Read all 18 responses: "Baby #2 is on the way and my first daughters newborn clothes have awful yellow stains from her breastmilk spit-up.

Stains on Clothes... from Downy?

Read all 15 responses: "I use gain soothing sensations vanilla orchid and downy w/ febreze my washer has a fabric despener I put in about 1/2 capful rest ...

How to Get Oil Stains Out of Clothing

27 Jun 2009 ... Read all 20 responses: "Does anyone know how to get oil (like olive oil) out of clothes. My son spilled some on his favorite shorts and i've ...

Armpit Stains in White shirts..HELP!!!

Read all 6 responses: "Does anybody have a solution to removing/preventing armpit stains in white shirts? I have tried switching deodorants.

How Can We Remove Vomit Stains from Carpet?

Read all 20 responses: "My child got sick over the weekend during the night. It was explosive vomit which went everywhere. We have very light colored almost ...

Brown Stains on Upper Four Teeth

Read all 10 responses: "Hi there- Yesterday I noticed that my 13 month old has brown stains on the upper part of the tooth on all for of his top teeth.
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  • do have a solution to your armpit stains in 2 answers "L., Hello! I do have a solution to your armpit stains."
  • dawn dish soap in 3 answers "... was a small load) a year ago and used a paste of baking soda and Dawn dish soap ..."
  • bar of ivory soap in 2 answers "Use a bar of ivory soap. I researched this one on the internet that is what I found ..."
  • micro fiber couch in 2 answers "... from juice to permanent marker out of my very light colored micro fiber couch."
  • clean magic eraser in 2 answers "have you tried the mr. clean magic eraser?"