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Old Tea Stain Removing from Carpet

S.G. asks from Benton Harbor

we hav some old stains of tea on our carpet. does anyone knows how to remove them as we don't want to spend much on this. i also want to know that in rental apartmen...


Cleaning Stain Out of Cheap Cheezy Carpet

D.S. asks from Houston

sowe rented an apartment which has been a nightmare in its own right it looked really good when we moved in but the carpet is cheap and cheezy. I have steam cleaned i...


Carpet Stains

A.G. asks from Cincinnati

I have black hair color spots on my beige color carpet. Can U pls suggest what should I use. Thanks in advance for all your help!


New Carpet

A.C. asks from San Francisco

Any suggestions for getting new carpet? I am thinking about Home Depot, Lowes, Costco or Empire. Do you have any recent experiences good or bad. Thank you!


Those Carpet Squares

R. asks from Detroit

Do any of you Ladies have those carpet squares in your home. I am wanting to try them in our walk out basement; we need new afforable, durable, attractive carpet (no ...


Soda on My Carpet!!

A.R. asks from Pittsburgh

Does anyone have a suggestion for getting Crystal Lite Iced Tea and/or Diet Dr. Pepper with CHERRY!!!! out of my tan carpet?! Ugh, my 9 month old is standing up & kn...


Crayon on the Carpet

N.B. asks from Fort Wayne

Does anyone have any ideas as to how to remove blue crayon from my creme carpet? My lovely little daughter has decided that she would rather color on anything other ...


Pet Stain Removal

J.T. asks from Dallas

Hello everyone! Does anyone know of a product or home remedy for pet urine/vomit stain removal for white carpet? I've tried most products sold at Wal-Mart and Targe...


Crayon and Carpet

M.G. asks from Dallas

Our son did something way out of character and wrote with crayon all over our carpet. We do have a Bissel steam cleaner, but we haven't tried it yet. I want to get ...

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  • had candle wax in 2 answers "I did this when i had candle wax on my carpet and it took it right up."
  • hydrogen peroxide in 2 answers "Mix 2 parts DAWN to one part Hydrogen peroxide apply with a white rag,spray bottl ..."
  • use a brown paper in 2 answers "... who has worked in the carpet cleaning business for 17yrs, says use a brown paper ..."
  • basic h2 and nature in 2 answers "I would try Basic H2 and Nature Bright."
  • beige carpet in 3 answers "We had blue spots down every other step, which is beige carpet."