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Stain Removers

A.R. asks from Kansas City

I have two year old twins so you can only imagine how dirty their clothes can get. Does anyone have a suggestion for a stain remover. I have tried a few different bra...


Looking for a "Baby-friendly" Carpet Stain Remover

J.L. asks from Detroit

I have a few set in stains on my carpet in the living room. This area is pretty much a kid zone right now. My baby is gonna be crawling around in the next few month...


Stain Removal

J.T. asks from Dallas

My daughter put a blackberry in the pocket of her shirt today, the 1st time we've ever worn this shirt!! Any recomendations on how to get the stain out? I've tried ...


Stain Removal

A.S. asks from Philadelphia

I am very fortunate to have recieved many wonderful hand me downs for my daughter... but they leave me baffled. How do other mom's keep the clothes so clear!" DD ha...


Stain Remover

S.H. asks from Savannah

Hi Ladies, I have a question about stain removers. My husband is a mail man and his shirts get very dirty. you can imagine how dirty all those letters and packages a...


Makeup Stain

H.M. asks from Raleigh

How do I get foundation out of a pair of shorts? It is not oil based. I immediately rinsed out as much of the foundation as possible, then applied a stain spray. I ...


Stain Remover

C.O. asks from Los Angeles

Can anyone recommend a good stain remover for clothing? I like the tide stick for small stains, for me, it doesn't work so well on larger stains. My daughter is still...


Wax off Carpet

S.O. asks from Amarillo

How do I take candle wax off my carpet?


Blood in Carpet

J.H. asks from Billings

Does anyone know how to get blood out of the carpet? Our dog had a bloody nose and left a pretty big stain in the livingroom. We have light colored wool carpet and I ...


Best Spot Stain Remover - for Carpet

L.K. asks from Dallas

I have tried a couple of small spot stain removers, but haven't had any luck yet. Anyone have one they would recommend? Sorry, I guess I put this under the wrong cate...

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